Ready Set Go

LRI Outputs

Sl. No. Land Resource Inventory outputs
1 MWS/Village wise cadastral maps
2 MWS/Village wise imagery (Cartosat/QB imagery/Worldview)
3 Current land use map
4 Site maps-slope, erosion, texture., drainage, salinity etc
5 Soil maps-soil depth, texture, gravels etc.
6 Profile location map
7 Grid map for surface soil sample collection
8 Soil nutrient maps-All macro and micronutrient maps
9 Well inventory map (Open and bore wells)
10 Existing conservation and water harvesting structure map
11 Soil moisture map
12 Ground water status map-different intervals
13 Land Capability map
14 Crop suitability maps for cereals, oilseeds, pulses, etc
15 Suitability maps for horticultural crops
16 Suitability maps for Sericulture
17 Suitability maps for forest tree species
18 Suitability maps for forage crops
19 Suitability maps for commercial or any other crops generated as per the need of the area
20 Nutrient management plan maps
21 Soil and water conservation plan maps
22 Drainage line treatment/WHS plans
23 Location map for recharge structures
24 Weather and climatic data – rainfall, RH, Temp., Wind, PET etc
25 Hydrological data-ET, runoff, infiltration, soil moisture, recharge, draft, availability, water quality etc
26 Socio-economic data and reports
27 LRI Report (including hydrology) and Atlas at MES and SWS levels
28 Report on Soil Series
29 Benchmark soils report
30 LRI Cards
31 Package of Practices (POP) recommended for the crops
32 Updated Digital Library at the LRI institute level
    Updated DSS on
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Crop planning
  • Nutrient management
  • Land capability classification
  • Runoff
  • Farm Ponds/Check dams
  • Crop water requirement
  • Soil moisture/Water balance
  • Water budgeting
34 New DSS developed
35 Agro-advisories developed
36 Models/Patents etc. developed
37 Draft and validated DPR