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Central Instrumentation Facility

The central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) of OUAT is a central facility of latest and advanced analytical Instruments for research in the application areas of agriculture and allied interdisciplinary sciences. The different equipment includes those for Imaging and effective documentation, complete chemical analysis of the compound with its detail characterization and laboratory services in the field of molecular biology. This facility is open for use by students, research scholars, faculty members of OUAT and is also to external organizations mainly academic institutions on chargeable basis. The CIF also takes up activities like capacity building and human resources development for the operation and applications of different instruments. This facility also encourages collaborative research with institutes of repute. With a tagline of Techno Touch for Agro Search, the CIF is actively facilitating the researchers of OUAT to advanced instrumentation facilities for quality research output.


  • To act as a central facility of modern analytical instruments for supporting research and analysis work in agriculture & allied sciences.
  • To maintain a state- of- art research facility with high quality service, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies for excellence in research.
  • To organize short term courses/workshops on the use and applications of various advanced instruments, analytical techniques and to generate trained technical manpower in the field of instrumentation.

Salient Features

  • TWell planned CIF building (Approx. 10,000 sq ft) with faculty chamber, office room, training hall, store, toilets etc.
  • Well-furnished laboratories with 24 X 7 power supply and back up facility, humidity and temperature controlled system, insulated floors, round the clock water supply and dust free environment.
  • Well protected with CCTV surveillance and monitoring system.
  • Adequate fire safety mechanisms with smoke detectors, fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
  • Well defined protocol for sample collection, labeling, storage and processing
  • Routine inspection, cleaning, maintenance, testing and calibration of the instruments by authorized service engineers
  • Maintains proper storage conditions for consumables.
  • Proper record maintenance, result analysis, reporting and retrieval of data
  • Proper display of Do’s & Don’ts inside the laboratory.
  • First aid kit on each floor.
  • Proper waste disposal mechanisms.
  • Well laid out action plans to be taken in response to equipment failure.
Sl.No List of the Equipment Sl.No List of the Equipment
1 Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS 2 CHNS,O Analyzer
3 HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) 4 FTIR* WITH ATR
7 Particle size and Zeta potential Analyser 8 Automatic Microbial Identification system
9 Micro plate Washer with Reader 10 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
11 Microwave Digestion System 12 Kel Plus Nitrogen Analyzer
13 Cryostat 14 Ice flaking machine
15 Ball Mill for Nano particle synthesis 16 High Speed Cooling Centrifuge (Floor Model)
17 High Speed cooling Centrifuge (Bench top) 18 Microcentrifuge
19 Cooling Centrifuge (Bench Top) 20 Minispin Plus
21 Research Microscope with photographic attachments 22 Multi parameter Bench top meter
23 Hydrolic pellette Press 24 Rotary Vacuum Evaporator
25 Ultra Pure Water System 26 Ultra Pure Water System
27 Deep Freezer(-200C) 28 Deep Freezer(-200C)
29 Deep Freezer(-800C) 30 CO2 Incubator
31 Bacteriological Incubator 32 Hot air Oven
33 Homogeniser (handheld) 34 Rotospin
35 Vortex shaker 36 Laminar Air Flow
37 Auto pipette Set (1µ to 5ml.) 38 Muffle Furnace
39 Probe Sonicator 40 Bath Sonicator
41 Low Volume Concentrator 42 Bench Top Autoclave