Ready Set Go


Cluster frontline demonstration is a unique approach by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research on Oilseed and Pulse crops to provide a direct interface between scientists and farmers where farmers are guided by the KVK scientists during demonstrations in implementation of improved technologies like seed treatment, IPM, INM, land preparation etc. Demonstrated fields are regularly monitored by the scientists. Cluster Frontline Demonstration project started since 2015-16 under NFSM and NMOOP.


The main objective of Cluster Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers’ field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations. While demonstrating the technologies in the farmers’ field, the scientist to study the factors contributing higher crop production, field constraints of production and thereby generate production data and feedback information. The field demonstrations conducted under the close supervision of scientists of the KVKs because the technologies are demonstrated for the first time by the scientists themselves before being fed into the main extension system of the State Department of Agriculture.