Ready Set Go


Sl. No. Deliverables Scale
1 Models for estimating water fractions (ET, Soil Moisture, Runoff, Groundwater) leading to Water Balance LMU (Soil unit consisting of a few land parcels) to Watershed (50,000 ha) scale
2 DSS for rapid characterisation of watersheds based on water balance for taking up interventions Micro watershed level
3 DSS for siting of water harvesting and conservation structures including estimation of volume LMU/ Micro (500 ha) watershed. Impact to be taken into account at watershed scale.
4 Models/DSS for estimation of groundwater recharge and draft Micro/ Sub watershed scale
5 DSS for siting of groundwater recharge structures and estimation of sustainable extraction LMU to Micro watershed
6 Community level tool for estimation of rainfall-linked sustainable extraction of ground water Micro/ sub (5000 ha) watershed
7 DSS for Water Budget that is linked to rainfall for use by community Micro/ sub watershed
8 DSS for crop selection based on LRI, Water Budget and Growing Period Micro/ sub watershed
9 DSS for providing water advisories to farmers for increasing Water Productivity LMU to micro watershed
10 Detailed documentation of protocols for each model/DSS. Protocols to cover how model was developed/adapted, calibration and validation procedures, limitations, etc.
11 Generation of Hydrology Report and Atlas Micro and Sub watershed level
12 Development of training material and training to Watershed Department and other Govt. department staff, communities for use of the models/DSS/tools developed How many people/ communities to be trained and how many times