Agricultural Statistics

Title of the Thesis Name of the student Name of the Advisor Year
Exploring appropriate model for growth rate estimation of pulse production of Odisha Rakesh Kumar Rout Dr.Abhiram Dash 2021
Forecasting of arrivals and prices of major vegetables in the markets around the capital region of Odisha Roshini Mishra Mr. Akhilesh Gupta 2021
Decomposition analysis of Production variance for pulses in coastal district of Odisha Harekrushna Pradhan Dr.Abhiram Dash 2021
Growth rate and instability analysis of food grain production of Odisha Jamanya Sripriya Dr.Abhiram Dash 2021
Variability analysis in rice production for the districts of western of Odisha Rakesh Ranjan Das Dr.Abhiram Dash 2021
Forecasting production of cereals and pulses in Odisha by using spine regression technique Harsha S Basanaik Dr.Abhiram Dash 2021
Study on efficient ration-type exponential estimators for population variance A Shreya Dr. P.N. Pradhan 2021
Statistical analysis of air pollution status in various urban areas of odisha Hitesh Kumar Dr. P.N. Pradhan 2021
Forecasting production of important oilseed crops of Odisha Gourav Sahu Dr.Abhiram Dash 2022
Effect of economic liberalization on status of agriculture in Odisha: A statistical study Abhijit Sarkar Dr.Abhiram Dash 2022
Exploring appropriate technique to forecast production of important pulse crops of Odisha Balaga Divya Dr.Abhiram Dash 2022
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