Seed Science & Technology

Title of the Thesis Name of the student Name of the Advisor Year
Evaluation of seed quality parameters of farmers saved cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) seeds of Western Odisha Neeha Pradhan Dr. Rajib Lochan Moharana 2021
Assessment of seed yield and quality traits of zinc biofortified advanced breeding lines of rice Yashobanta Barik Dr. Swapan Kumar Tripathy 2021
Impact of variety, seed type and chemical treatments on growth, vigour and yield of potato Dr. Ashok Mishra 2021
Efficacy of seed protectants against common seedling diseases in tomato Jayanta Kumar Padhiary Mrs. Anita Priyadarsini 2021
Variability study in greengram genotypes Archana Nayak Dr. Laxmipriya Sahoo 2021
Effect of seed priming treatmentson sowing quality and performance of brinjal seeds cv. Utkal Anushree Anita Mohanty Dr. Simanta Mohanty 2021
Effect of radiation on germination and management of pulse beetles (Callosobruchuschinensis Linn.) infesting green gram (Vigna radiata) Biswajit Behera Dr. Manoj Kumar Tripathy 2021
Inducing staminate flowers through application of chemicals for seed production in parthenocarpic cucumber Pooja Barik Dr. Swarnalata Das 2021
Seed priming for improving sowing quality and performance of tomato seeds cv. Utkal Deepti Lakshmi Suresh Dr. Simanta Mohanty 2021
Evaluation of seed vigour tests in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Samar Kumar Rath Dr. Simanta Mohanty 2022
Changes in quality of aged primed tomato seeds under ambient and cold storage condition Suryasnnan Das Dr. Swarnalata Das 2022
Effect of seed priming on seed quality and yield of Black gram(Vigna mungo) in western undulating zones of Odisha Ayushi Dr. Rajib Lochan Moharana 2022

Efficacy of some novel fungicides against seed and seedling associated pathogens of chilli

Sabita Jena

Mrs. Anita Priyadarsini


Effect of few insecticides on germination and storage duration and enzymatic activities in pulse beetles(Callosobruchus chinensis Linn.) infesting green gram (Vigna mungo)

Lingraj Panigrahi

Dr. Manoj Kumar Tripathy


Assessment of seed yield and quality traits of protein enriched advanced breeding lines of rice

Sarbajeet Parida

Dr. Swapan Kumar Tripathy


Impact of variety, seed size and plant protection measures on healthy seed potato production

Ipsita Subhadarsini

Dr. Ashok Mishra


Effect of priming agents on seed qualities of solanaceous vegetable crops like tomato, brinjal and chilli

Soumya Subham Guru

Mr. Soubhagya Behera


Study about chickpea seed mycoflora and their impact on seed health

Abhilasha Barik



Variation in seed physiological, biochemical and nutritional characters in rice varieties under storage

Pallavi Puhan

Dr. Manasi Dash


Variability in seedling growth characteristics under cold stress in rice

Niruthoma Panda

Miss Sarita Pradhan


Evaluation of genetic variability for morphological, biochemical and seed quality characteristics in greengram genotypes under moisture stress and normal condition

Bratati Dutta

Dr. Devraj Lenka


Priming of sunflower(Helianthus annuus L.)seed for enhancing its performance

T. V. S. Sai Durga

Dr. Simanta Mohanty


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