GPB Department

Title of the Thesis Name of the student Name of the Advisor Year
Heterosis and combining ability studies using line x tester analysis in castor Susanta Kumar Mohanty Dr.P.N.Jagadev 2022
Characterization and genetic analysis in mungbean [Vignaradiata (l.)Wilczek] under cold stress Sasmita Dash Dr.D.Lenka 2022
Dr.D.Lenka Sandeep Kumar Singh Dr.P.N.Jagadev 2022
Mutagenesis and improvement of productivity in greengram (Vignaradiata (l.) Wilczek) Digbijay Swain Dr.B.Baisakh 2022
Pyramiding resistance genes for bacterial leaf blight (xanthomonasoryzaepv.oryzae) into Pratikshya, a popular rice variety of odisha Madhuri Pradhan Dr.D.N.Bastia 2022
Gene stacking for submergence tolerance and bacterial blight resistance in popular rice variety Ranidhan Kartik Chandra Pradhan Dr.D.N.Bastia 2022
Assessment of useful genetic variation for nutrient use efficiency in Aus rice (Oryza sativa l.) Using genome wide association studies Siddharth Panda Dr.D.N.Bastia 2022
Genetic analysis of quantitative traits and selection of transgressive segregants in crosses of sesame (Sesamumindicum l.) DibyabharatiSahu Dr.T.K.Mishra 2022
Induced mutations for quantitative and qualitative traits in groundnut (Arachishypogeae L.) Plawani Panda Dr.B.Pradhan 2022
Characterization and identification of elite Mungbean (Vignaradiata (L.) Wilczek) genotypes under deficit moisture stress Ravada Divya Bandhavi Dr.D.Lenka 2023
Genetic and biochemical dissection of high protein rice and its improvement for bacterial blight resistance NutanMoharana Dr.B.Pradhan 2023
Genetic characterization of advanced breeding lines for high sugar and yield stability in sugarcane DarshanaPatra Dr.B.Pradhan 2023
Molecular and biochemical insight into brown planthopper (NilaparvatalugensStål.) Resistance in rice LakeshMuduli Dr.M.Dash 2023
Characterization, heterosis and gene action studies for biomass related quantitativeTraits in rice Abinash Mishra Dr.T.K.Mishra 2023
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