Floriculture and Landscaping

Title of the Thesis Name of the student Name of the Advisor Year
In-vitro cloning of commercial cultivars of Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii Bolus) Ruchi Sharma Dr.S.Beura 2021
Standardization of in Vitro techniques for large scale propagation of commercial cultivars of phalaenopsis hybrid GandhamallaMadhuri Dr. S.K. Palai 2021
Morphological and molecular characterization of interspecific hybrids ( cymbidiumaloifolium x cymbidium bicolour) Tapan Kumar Giri Dr.S.Beura 2022
Impact of salicylic Acid and Humic Acid on Growth, flowereing, bulb production and postharvest management of Lilium Hybrids Pooja Pahare Dr.S.Beura 2022
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