Soil Science

Title of the Thesis Name of the student Name of the Advisor Year
Study on potassium dynamics in an acid Inceptisoland its availability index in a subtropical rice-rice ecosystem Raghabananda Nayak Dr. K. K. Rout 2021
Long term effect of integrated nutrient management practices under intensive cropping on crop productivity and soil properties of an acid upland Inceptisols Manoj Kumar Jena Dr.S.K.Pattanayak 2021
Long-term effect of nutrient application on soil quality, resource use efficiency and crop productivity under rice-rice cropping system in Inceptisols of Odisha Mr Saheed Garnaik Dr P. K. Samant 2022
Direct and Residual effect of sulphur in rice-toria cropping system in rice-fallow Alfisols of Odisha Mr. Ambika Prasad Mishra, Dr A. K. Dash 2022
Characterization of subsoil of a rice grown VerticHaplustepts under long-term manorial practices Mr Sujit Kumar Mukhi Dr. K. K. Rout 2022
Phosphorus dynamics in rice-rice system under long term manurial practice in Inceptisols. Ms SugyataShivhare Dr. K. K. Rout 2022
Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics in an intensive cropping system of coastal agro-ecosystem under integrated nutrient management practices. Sanjib Kumar Sahoo Dr. K. N. Mishra 2022
Characterization, Taxonomic Classification and Fertility Status of Soils of Keonjhar District under North Central Plateau Agro Climatic Zone of Odisha. Prava Kiran Dash Dr.A. Mishra 2022
Assessment of toxic elements in soil, water and crop grown in Narsinghpur block of Cuttack district, Odisha. Shraddha Mohanty Dr.R.K.Nayak 2022
Isolation and characterization of cellulose degrading bacteria and evaluation of their potency in composting. Kshitipati Padhan Dr.R.K.Patra 2022
Assessment of agricultural vulnerability to climate change and enhancement of resilience through climate smart agricultural technologies in mid central table land zone of Odisha. Kiran Kumar Mohapatra Dr.R.K.Patra 2022
Optimization of Phosphorus management practices and duration of rice in rice-green gram cropping system for rainfed medium land rice fallow. MeenakhiPrusty Dr.A.K.Dash 2022
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