Forest Biology and Tree Improvement

The Department of Forest Biology and Tree Improvement (FBT) was established in the year 2010 in College of Forestry under Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology(OUAT).The College of Forestry came into existence in 2010 upgraded from Department of Forestry which was started in the year 1987 under College of Agriculture, Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology, Bhubaneswar , Odisha. The Department of FBT is offering M.Sc. (Forestry) in Forest Biology and Tree Improvement presently. This department looks after the teaching, research and extension activities relating to improvement of forest resources of the state.


  • The Department offers courses for undergraduate and post graduate degrees. It develops professionals in the field of tree improvement by honing them with teaching and practical skills.
  • The Department conducts research programme for increasing the productivity by development of desired quality of high yielding clones/varieties of tree, shrub and herb species found in the forest to meet the growing demand of timber, biomass, pulpwood, fodder and NTFPs etc. The Department also conducts research programme on standardization of vegetative propagation methods, seed technology of tree species, physiological basis of growth and development tree species, forest ecology and biotechnological tools for improvement of forest resources.
  • The Department imparts extension programme through training to farmers and government officials in the field of improvement of forest genetic resources. It is also mandated to provide high yielding varieties of valuable s trees, shrubs and herbs in the interest of the farmers.

Area of work

  • Tree improvement and genetic resources
  • Propagation technique for trees
  • Seed Technology
  • Tree physiology
  • Forest biotechnology
  • Forest Ecology
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