Veterinary Physiology

Dr. Akshaya Kumar Kundu

Professor & HOD


Area of Specialization

In vitro fertilization & Embryo culture, Stress physiology, Canine electrocardiography & Echocardiography

Dr. Ambika Prasad Khadanga Mahapatra

Assoc. Professor


Area of Specialization

In General, Neuro Physiology& specifically Sleep-Wakefulness and Thermoregulation study in different ambient temperatures., Role of Music in Milk Yield of Cattle

Dr. Swagat Mohapatra

Asst. Professor


Area of Specialization

Cardiology, Stress Physiology, Reproductive physiology

Dr. Smruti Ranjan Mishra

Asst. Professor


Area of Specialization

Molecular endocrinology, Stress Physiology

Dr. (Mrs) Nirupama Dalai

Asst. Professor


Area of Specialization

Reproductive Physiology

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