The college offers seven fully equipped laboratories, including the Plant Protection laboratory, Post-Harvest Management laboratory, Plant Science laboratory, Soil Science laboratory, Vegetable Science laboratory, Fruit Science laboratory, and Floriculture and Landscaping laboratory. These laboratories are designed to facilitate the seamless conduction of practical classes and ensure a smooth learning experience for students.

Demonstration Unit

The college has demonstration units of various fruits viz. mango, guava, banana, sapota, ber, aonla, pomegranate and citrus. Farm units of spices, medicinal and aromatic plants, floriculture and vegetable are also there which helps in conduct of students’ practical.

Class room

To facilitate effective curriculum delivery, the College provides three smart classrooms equipped with essential amenities such as green/white boards, LCD projectors, digital podiums, air-conditioner, audio-visual aids, and interactive boards.


The college possesses an entomology museum designed to provide hands-on learning about the harmful impact of insects, their anatomical structures, and facilitate the identification of insect pests and their control.

Reference Library

Chiplima campus of OUAT has a common library for students of both College of Agriculture and College of Horticulture. The library has 1868 reference books and 2618 practical manuals. College has book bank facility with 1200 lettable books. It is equipped with 4 plain door Almirah and 12 glass door Almirah, four computers, 4 offline UPS and wifi facility. The college library has access to 3899 national & international journals and 1238 E-Books under J-Gate, CERA subscribed by the Central Library of the University with remote access.

Internet cell

Within the college, there is an internet cell equipped with 19 computers that have WiFi connectivity. This setup ensures that e-learning activities can be carried out smoothly.

Placement cell

The college’s placement cell collaborates with private companies and NGOs to facilitate recruitment processes at the main university campus. Students from this college participate in placement examinations, and those who are shortlisted move on to interviews. Upon successful completion of the interview process, candidates receive offers for positions in various agro-based companies, such as those in the seed, fertilizer and pesticide sectors, as well as NGOs like Pradan.

Examination Hall

There is an examination hall to accommodate up to 440 students. The hall is furnished appropriately and features amenities such as air conditioning, CCTV cameras, and a provision of pure and chilled drinking water. To ensure smooth examination processes, backup power supply is also available. Adjacent to the hall, there is a separate room equipped with a computer, as well as various accessories such as a printer, scanner, and photocopier, specifically dedicated to examination-related tasks.

Language laboratory

A language laboratory is a specialized facility designed to enhance language learning and proficiency through the use of technology and interactive teaching methods. It is equipped with the necessary hardware and software to support language learning activities.

Conference Hall

The conference hall of College of Horticulture is a spacious venue with comfortable seating arrangements, a stage with podium for speakers, and audio-visual facilities, including projector screens and audio systems for 200 participants. It serves as a central hub for hosting various events, workshops, and conferences related to horticultural topics and agriculture.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall plays a crucial role in promoting academic excellence, encouraging research, and enhancing the overall learning experience within the educational institution. Our seminar hall has a capacity of 80 participants. It serves as a venue for student seminars, faculty seminars after attending workshops, conferences, trainings, winter schools etc.

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