UG Programme

B.F.Sc. (Bachelor of Fishery Science) is a four years degree programme spreading over 8 semesters. The syllabus recommended by Vth Deans’ Committee is being followed by the College since 2016. The B.F.Sc. degree course comprises of both theory and practical with a total credit hour of 180 (theory – 84 and practical – 96) in various aspects of Fishery Science. The STUDENTS READY Programme is being offered to improve the skill of students. The programme constitutes three parts, (i) Experiential Learning Programme (ELP), (ii) In-Plant Attachment and (iii)Rural Fisheries Work Experience(RFWE). During the Experiential Learning Programme (ELP), the students are exposed to either of four modules viz. (a) Fish Seed Production and (b) Post-harvest Technology (c) Ornamental Fish Breeding and Aquarium Management and (d) Fish Feed Formulation and Production during 7th semester. DuringIn-Plant Attachment, the students are attached to industry/farm/hatchery/institute for developing self confidence in the concerned field of fisheries. In the Rural Fisheries Work Experience (RFWE), the students are exposed to the government sponsored developmental schemes in rural farming sectors with the guidance and support of line departments and KVKs functioning under the respective districts during the 8th semester of B.F.Sc.programme.

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