• Application of Ciprofloxacin at a rate of 3.5 µg/ml or Ofloxacin at a rate of 50µg/ml both under laboratory and field conditions in selective fish farms of Ganjam district effectively controlled the Aeromoniasis in cultivable varieties of carps.
  • Study on impact of stocking density on seed stunting @30 nos/m² resulted with 15.94% increase in biomass over control and 14.35% over the stocking density of 40 nos/m². A significant difference exists (p<0.05) between control and treatments with respect to photoperiod manipulation. However, there is no significant difference (p<0.05) between the treatments of 6 h and 0 h light exposure with respect to mean weight gain. Manipulation of photoperiod and stocking density resulted with seed stunting. The stunted seeds can be made available to the farmers throughout the year for grow out culture.
  • Implantation of HCG pallets @ 750 IU/kg body weight of stripped murrel (Channa striatus) under captive condition resulted with increase ova diameter, better egg outputs, higher fertilization and hatching rate comparison to dose 500 IU/kg body weight of fish and 1000 IU/kg body weight of fish.
  • Administration of Ovatide (s-GnRH + Dopamine antagonist) @ 0.6 ml/kg body weight of female and 0.2 ml/kg body weight of male resulted with increased fertilization and hatching rate by 21% and 28.86% respectively over that of crude pituitary extract in Silver barb (Puntius gonionatus).
  • Study on the Growth performance of Puntius gonionotusunder mono and polyculture system resulted with 10% yield enhancement from the polyculture (Catla: silver barb: Common carp in the ratio of 40:30:30) than that of monoculture system. Suitable technology to be adopted by farmers where water retention in the pond is up to six months (seasonal ponds).
  • Study on the growth performance of nile tilapia juveniles fed with the diets containing soyabean meal as fish meal substitute reveals that, fish feed comprising of 50% soyabean meal and 50% fish meal as major source of protein resulted with good growth performance over the other treatments.
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